CarPal is a digital platform that connects roadside assistance providers with the customers.

We provide you with business opportunities, dispatch and payment systems so you can take care of what you do best – provide quality roadside assistance services.

You Are Our Family

We consider the members of our service provider network to be a valuable part of our family.  We look after your interests and provide you access to a steady stream of income.

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Benefits in Joining Carpal

Your CarPal

CarPal keeps things easy and simple. You will have access to an amazing and easy to use application, dispatch system and payment gateway. See, accept and complete jobs with just a few clicks.

Your Location

Location-based technology ensures that you get the closest jobs – saving you time and fuel.

Your Rates, No Penalties

We recognise the effort that you put into providing a great service, that is why we pay competitive rates and don’t penalise you when you can’t accept a job.

Your Real-Time Connection

CarPal provides you with a real-time experience, including updates from the customer and dispatch centre; this means that you see everything as it happens.

Your Payment

Payments are done digitally and are deposited directly to your registered bank account.

Your Paperless Experience

We remove the hassle of paperwork so you can be on the road. No need to provide customers with invoices and receipts as all documents are digital.

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